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What is an "Instant" Web Page?
An Instant Web Page is a "self-hosting" web page. The content of the web page is embedded inside the page URL itself. The URL will be really long because it contains the entire web page content! The page doesn't need to be hosted anywhere, just post the hyperlink.

How do I create one?
Complete the form above with the content you want displayed. Click "Submit" and your finished page will be displayed. Copy the URL from the browser address bar and post it where you'd like it to be available.

When should I use it?
Instant web page is intended for quick, short, informal web pages. Instant web pages are best when you need to create something really fast and don't intend to make a lot of future additions or changes.

If no page is appearing after you submit, make sure you don't have any extended ASCII characters in your document.

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